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After (the death of) Sadafiva Nay aha, Dodda Sank anna,
his eldest sou, succeeded him at Ikkei'i on Vaisakha u 5 Vi^va-
vasu corresponding- to S. S, I486.*

Sankanna defeated Virnpanna Vodeya of Jambiir, and
captured Jambiir and the fort of Diirtignni. Virilpanna. -who
had been defeated in this manner, repaired to Vidyana'iara
and reported to the Raya how Dodda Sankanna had deprived
him of his possessions. On being summoned by the Raya he
entrusted the administration of the estate to his younger
brother, Cikka Sa:ikurma XayrJka. and started to Vidyanagara
with all his family. He reached the capital anc? met Ramaraja
who commanded him to remain at the court and hand over the
forts of Jambur and Durugnni to Viriipanna Vodeya. In obe-
dience to the orders of Ramaraja he lived at the court for some
years helping1 the Raya in the administration of the kingdom.

Two sons, Ramaraja and Vsnkatanrpala were born to
Dodda Siirikanmt daring- these years. "When these boys were
presented at the e.-urt., the Raya \viio was greatly struck by
their appearance y^iiSe jaTa^^LiViC'Uts for their upbringing, lie
also gave 01* that occasion the vilhgvs ol ITasHr,
Maililr aiid Pole% a I'^nuur as Jv?7r

J&lidinrjxn'f/vyam : Canto iii 1-7.


One day it struck Ramaraja, while he +vas seated in the
durbar, that all forts were under his control excepting Goa
which could not be takeii. as it was governed by the men oi
tin-pierced ears.t He deliberated on the matter with his coun-
sellors, and eanitf to the conclusion that his object could
be realised through the agency of Sankanna Nayaka, He

*The 3aia and the cyclic years do not tally. S. S. I486 corresponds to R&ktaifi an<
not to VirrSvasn. Tfcft correct *k* date a.j>p*ars to be 1467. This corresponds ta April IS
A.D., 1545,
f TJa text has aviWkak(n6r.